Not My New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone likes the idea of a fresh start, and when that clock ticks over and suddenly a whole new year is spread out in front of us, it’s hard to ignore the call to make promises we probably won’t keep in the glowing optimism provided by finally getting to write a 6 instead of a 5 at the top of our crisp new journals. But I guess that new year glow is dulled somewhat for some people at the realisation that they’re just copying their 2015 resolutions into their new diaries with the promise to tackle the things that didn’t happen last year. This is why I don’t make resolutions. I think it’s ridiculous that so much importance is placed on New Year’s celebrations and counting down till the clock ticks over. I think everyone is making something out of nothing because nobody wants to admit that it’s just another day. Someone grab the sparklers! IT’S ALMOST MIDNIGHT LET’S START THE NEW YEAR WITH A SPECTACULAR SHOW OF FIRE AND LOUD NOISES THAT MAKE OUR DOGS TERRIFIED.

I don’t like fireworks.

Any time of the day/month/year is perfect for making a change. There’s no better time to start doing shit than right now. So here’s a few promises that are not my new year’s resolutions, but things I know are achievable or at least easy enough to work towards for myself:

  • Spend less time in the black hole that is Facebook
  • Drink more water (I forget until my eyes are raisins, my brain is shrink-wrapped and I feel like rolling into the nearest body of water to receive hydration via osmosis)
  • Write more, blog more, read more

These are not goals that i’ll be looking back on at the end of 2016 with a sad little smile and a shrug, it’s something to work on that is ongoing. Except the water part, I should probably be hitting the water hard and frequently.


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